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On our ‘road trip’ to the outlet stores in New York, we spied our little yes on IHOP along the highway. Making a detour, we went on our way to brunch at IHOP to load ourselves with the well known pancakes/waffles/crepes.

What horrified me at first was the amount of calories stated for EACH dish. If that’s not enough to turn you off, I have no idea what. For once, we were choosing our meal based on the calories instead of the prices!

Calmed myself down with herbal chamomile tea…before being amazed again at the bottles of syrup available.

The blue one was blueberry flavoured and it reminded me of blueberry jam.
The red was strawberry and it was super red, meaning that colouring was added and it didn’t taste that great.
The yellow one was butterscotch and I quite liked it as it reminded me of caramel.
Besides these three, they’ll also pass you a bottle of ‘original’ syrup. All four are just full of corn syrup and fructose.

So I decided to be a bit of a rebel and ordered a savoury crepe! Below is my Chicken Florentine Crepes, served with hollandaise sauce.

I must say that I was quite impressed. The crepe was soft and the chicken filling nicely filled the insides of the crepes. The sauce could’ve been better but I am guessing that these came out of a bottle and not made from scratch.

I ate some of my friend’s pancake and I can understand why IHOP is so popular. The pancakes were really soft and fluffy – even better than Mac’s hotcakes! They do have a singular ‘healthier’ option which has egg whites and lots of vegetables but honestly, just save your daily calories ONCE if you’re in the US and just eat at IHOP. If you can find it.

If you’re travelling to New York City, unfortunately there isn’t one available in Manhattan Island. You’ll need to drive out for about half an hour. We didn’t get an address but if you have a GPS, you can just type it in to find the nearest one.

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