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So, chef David Chang in NYC set up a chain of restaurants and cafes named Momofuku and since we drove to Brooklyn and Williamsburg, I decided to try out the famous Momofuku Milk Bar. As the name suggests, the menu of the store is all about milk and the sweet stuff related to it.

They’re famous for the Cereal Milk flavoured ice cream and I decided to have the Milkshake version of it! So sinful, I know. By the way, all their ice creams are soft served. Besides the ice creams and shakes, they also have cookies and pies.

Jo bought the ice cream instead and by the time we walked from the store to our car, she had finished hers already!! The ice cream melted really quickly because in my other hand, I was holding onto the other ‘cone’ of ice cream for our other friend, Ken.

Anyway, back to my Cereal Milk Shake. I was quite surprised to see actual cereal bits inside. Tastewise, it reminded me of Horlicks. I guess only British, Malaysians and Singaporeans would know what malt drink I’m referring to. Imagine the Horlicks sweet in a frozen drink form. Yup. It was really good!! Perfect for a summer indulgence!

I was quite surprised to learn that the law in the US states that you have to consume alcoholic beverages within the restaurant/cafe/eatery! So sad that I couldn’t try their alcoholic shakes because Ken was in the car waiting for Joanne and I to return with the desserts. We couldn’t find parking 😛

I think that the ice creams alone were rather expensive at US$5 per serving. The milkshake however, is only US$1.50 more but is A LOT more in terms of volume and you need not need to worry about it dripping all over your hand while you demolish it!

My advice is to try Momofuku Milk Bar only if you are around the area. No need to hunt it down on purpose. Now…perhaps we need to try the food at the other Momofuku restaurants.

Momofuku Milk Bar
Several locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Williamsburg.

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