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In our awesome Chicago Airbnb apartment, we found lotsa beer left behind by the previous tenants. Couldn’t help but pick out these Blue Moon flavoured beers as I’m always keen to try new stuff, although I am not a fan of beer.

On the left is Chai Spiced Ale while the right is the White Ipa. Let’s talk about the Chai Spiced Ale first. I must say that I was a little sceptical about its taste because to me, Chai is a spiced tea and I cannot imagine how it’ll go as a beer. Apparently, very well! I could taste the cinnamon, cardamon and star anise first, followed by a very mild sweet honey-like scent before the bitter hops ended the palate notes. It really is like an alcoholic version of Chai tea!

I would recommend having this with barbecued meats or Asian foods as it’ll work nicely with Asian herbs such as coriander or lemongrass. Had it again at my aunt’s place in Wisconsin with chicken satay and it went really well. I quite like this beer!

The White Ipa is like a Belgian white beer. On the label, it suggests drinking this with a slice of orange to bring out the flavours. Didn’t have orange on hand so I have no idea how that would taste like. Comparing it to a Hoegaarden, I’d have to say that sadly, the Blue Moon pales in comparison.

Both beers go really well as a beer float though! The Chai Spiced Ale is a limited release though, so if you manage to get your hands on a bottle, please go and try it. Unless you hate spices.

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