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These wonderfully fresh and succulent oysters from Hiroshima are only S$1++ each! They’re delightfully topped with a bit of soy sauce, spring onions and grated radish. Yup, it’s really $1 each. Where is this place you ask? It’s Teru Japanese restaurant located at the boutique Link Hotel in Tiong Bahru.

My friends and I went there to celebrate a birthday and I was sold when I was told that this place had $1 oysters. Mind you…I slurped down 8 of these babies. Soooo bad….but this is only on promotion till goodness knows when. Thus, eat them while they’re still bringing them in!

Anyway, another highlight of our meal has to be their Teru Maki Sushi (S$20++ if I remember correctly) which contains goose liver and avocado on the inside and topped with unagi (grilled eel) an tobiko (prawn roe). Super delicious! Could’ve ordered another plate of this but we decided to try other dishes which weren’t that spectacular. Hence no pics. They have something called the ‘Shiok’ maki and by the name, I’m sure that you can tell that it’s highly localised. Didn’t try that though. Maybe next time.

Although the name of the restaurant is Teru Sushi, they have a Teppanyaki section which is semi-enclosed. You can still order teppanyaki items even if you’re not seated there but some of the teppanyaki items are ridiculously expensive. We loved their garlic fried rice though (S$6++ per bowl)! Don’t bother with the Chicken Katsu (S$16++).

The food is really fresh and of good quality. The service is not bad except that there’s only 2 persons who could speak English and really knew the menu well. As such, the wait staff had to keep calling 1 of them to come over to explain/give recommendations although we too tried to bridge the language barrier by speaking in Mandarin. For such polite service, it is a shame that the experience had to be marked down because of this. Also (warning: may start to sound a bit bitchy), the female manager was wearing super short shorts and high feels with inch-thick make up and instead of resembling the manager, all of us mistook her as the beer hostess! Inappropriate attire and impression.

In a nutshell, go to Teru for the excellent grub and ignore everything else. After dinner, head to the hipster cafes that are dotted within Tiong Bahru for coffee and dessert!

Teru Sushi
50 Tiong Bahru Road
Tel: +65 6842 8484
Website: www.terudining.com

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