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I’m a lazy cook. I also like 1 dish meals when I’m eating alone. Less to prepare and clean up. Especially when you’re home with bad cramps. Comfort foods such as soup and rice porridge does take a little longer to prepare and I didn’t have the patience.

Since I still have left over Winnie The Pooh pasta, I whipped up the following brunch with the help of Ayam Brand’s Sardines.

Did you know that Ayam Brand now produces Sardines that come in other things besides Tomato? Also, did you know that Ayam Brand is over 100 years old and was originally started by a French man who brought in sardines to Malaya? However, the locals couldn’t pronounce the French word and since the logo had a chicken, they called it “Ayam Brand” as ayam means chicken in Malay. Interesting, isn’t it? I learnt this during an event where the Marketing Manager of Ayam Brand was giving a short presentation on how they were using video content marketing but that’s a separate topic.

Back to these sardines…they’re packed in olive oil and peppercorns. It’s lightly salted and each can comes with 3 little fishies…

What I did was boil my pasta and when done, I mixed it with the sardines (oil too) and some boiled chopped spinach. Smash the sardines around a bit and topped it off with a teaspoon of sweet balsamic vinegar. If you have fresh tomatoes, replace the vinegar with that.

I know that it doesn’t look very appetising but it was quite good! Simple hot meal that fills you up! The peppercorn adds a tiny kick to the mix without it being too spicy. However, I do think that there’s still something missing from this dish despite it’s healthiness. I would’ve probably added in a half boiled egg for some creamy texture but alas, I ran out of eggs today.

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