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I had bought this box of Caramel Brownie mix from Muji in March but haven’t had the chance to bake them till this week. Thank goodness for packaging and to a certain extent, natural preservatives! Anyway, these pre-mix boxes were going at 30% off their usual price of S$12.90 so I figured, why not? Note to Muji: I’m not surprised that these weren’t flying off the shelf. Nobody knew that there were English instructions inside the box. I bought it because I can understand Japanese. Please stick a sticker outside stating, “English instructions inside” or something like that.

Back to the box of premix. As you can see from the items within, there’s a packet of walnuts, a few blocks of white chocolate, the dry mix and what made this so different from the Betty Crocker mixes is that it came with a baking paper tray and small plastic bags with the wire twisties!! Neat!

Upon opening of the dry ingredients, I could smell a distinctive maple syrup scent. This is starting to make me really happy!

The instructions were really easy to follow and the only 3 extra ingredients that I needed to add in were 30ml of milk, 30g of butter and 1 egg. I followed instructions and baked the cake in its paper tray (I really really love this…not everyone has a baking tray). After 20 minutes, this thing was done and it yielded 8 rectangular pieces.

For some weird reason, my cake didn’t rise as much as expected. Perhaps it’s because I baked it too close to its expiration date? Taste-wise…FANTASTIC! So addictive, I ate 2 pieces at one shot and my mum took another. 2 hours later, I grabbed another piece. Oops. There are now 5 pieces sitting in my fridge and I fear that they’ll all be gone by tomorrow.

I think this beats the traditional brownie any time. It’s so delicious that I’m tempted to get the actual recipe. Although the premix was super easy…*nom nom nom nom*

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