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In a previous posting of mine where I wrote about Good Food At Cafe Prices In A Kopitiam Near Alexandra Village, I had mentioned a few of the stalls and some of the food we ate. Since I live so nearby, the parents decided to go there again and this time around, they got their mains only from Immanuel French Kitchen. Therefore, let me introduce to you a couple more dishes from their menu.

Mum ordered the Chicken Roulad (S$15.90) which came with creamed barley with shimeiji mushrooms and alfafa. The breast meat was very tender and the part nearest the skin was surprisingly ‘crunchy’ or ‘QQ’ as the Taiwanese would say. Almost like the consistency of the mushrooms. Did they do something to the chicken before it was cooked? Hmm…it was yummy and well seasoned though.

Barley is hard to cook as a savoury grain and they’ve done it well but some may find the cream too rich. Which is probably why they added the shimeiji mushrooms and the alfafa sprouts there to add a bit of contrast. For such a price, this is definitely a lot more worth it compared to Saveur’s chicken dish (don’t bother ordering it unless you want an entree).

Dad ordered their Pork Cheek Confit (S$16.90) which came with vegetable ratatouille and a soft boiled egg. As you can see, they topped it off with Dijon mustard. Thus, if you don’t like mustard, do warn them.

I stole a bit of the confit and it was very tender, moist and delicious! Definitely very well done as the cheek is often broiled and braised to be tender. This is the first time I’m eating it as a confit and it was a very pleasurable event.

The price range of their food is comparable to that of La Petite Cuisine at Serene Centre and to some extent, better quality but the ambience of the kopitiam is sadly much lower than La Petite. Which is why I feel that Immanuel French should branch out like Saveur and La Petite Cuisine and have a separate restaurant all together. Especially when they’re charging more than Saveur and about the same as La Petite!

However, I guess Immanuel French probably needs to have a stronger following and sadly, I guess the owners haven’t really leveraged on their hot twin-ness (both of them are quite good looking in my opinion) to really gather that mass following to their brand and food. They should turn on the charm and be more friendly to everyone who orders from them and talk to their customers. Having a proper website would be helpful too.

119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 (next to Alexandra Village food centre)

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