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Yup…you read correctly. Those, my dear friends, are just 2 types of frozen beers that Kirin came up with and we drank at Shirokiya, CHIJMES. It’s really not too expensive at S$9++ per glass. It’s not a pint so it’s a tiny amount but it’s so fun to drink.

The whipped part is the slushy frozen beer but the bottom is the flavoured beer that comes in the following: tomato, mango, calpis, ginger ale and if I remember correctly, the last one should be orange. I think. Don’t worry. They’ve got this in original too!

Anyway, according to Kirin Holding‘s website, the foam is frozen at 5℃ (23F) and keeps the beer cold for a good 30 minutes.

Taste test: the foam melts pretty fast in hot Singapore so drink up. The flavoured beer is A LOT more fun on the taste buds than the foam but it is pretty yummy when you mix it all up. BUT… the glass isn’t big enough for you to do that mix up (this is not a slurpee) plus the bubbles in the beer will cause everything to flow out so prepare them tissues or napkins!

Tomato flavoured beer was…interesting. You must like drinking tomato juice in order to appreciate this. Otherwise, it’ll taste like watered down, alcoholic pasta sauce minus the spices.

Mango flavoured beer was yummy! It’s sweet so ladies will definitely enjoy it. Think Tiger’s Radler with mango instead of lemonade. Yup…definitely a ladies’ drink.

I think it’s worth the try and so far, I’ve only seen it sold at some of the Japanese restaurants in CHIJMES but I’m sure that wherever Kirin is…the restaurant will try to get this frozen beer onboard.

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