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Kit Kat that you bake? In Cheesecake flavour? What is this new funky thing that the Japanese have managed to whip up?

We’re all starting to get used to all the wonderful flavours of Kit Kat that Japan produces (matcha, pineapple, apple, sakura plum etc.) but their latest is Cheesecake…that you can bake! I didn’t believe it so I HAD to buy a packet to try.

I popped 3 chilled Kit Kats onto my trusty silicon cookie sheet and popped them into my toaster oven for 3 minutes, as per instructed. They turn into this colour which made me wonder whether I burnt them but no…they were perfectly toasted!

Tastewise…the chocolate part reminded me of lemon curd rather than lemon cheesecake but that’s ok. Instead of a wafer centre, the baking process had transformed it into something that reminded me more like puff pastry. Oh so yum and I think the baking process made it extra fun to eat.

By the way, they can be eaten as is too but then you’ll be taking the wonder of heating warm lemon Kit Kat!

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