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Went to HarbourFront on Sunday to pick my mum up after her trip to Batam and since it was already 7.45pm, we decided to have dinner there. Dad was intrigued by the menu of Chef’s Noodle – a Korean Japanese fusion restaurant where they specialised in (no brownie points for guessing) noodles.

For starters, we ordered the Chives & Shrimps Fritter (S$6.90++) which was supposedly dusted with a bit of curry powder to add to the flavour:

The fritters were huge and we had to break it into 2 in order to be able to shove them into our mouths. The dipping sauce was supposed to have wasabi in it but the wasabi-hater in me could not taste it. Tasted like oil. The first bite of the fritters was good. It was crunchy and tasted exactly how you’d imagine fried vegetables would. Second bite started to be a little less fun because the taste of the oil kinda seeps in and the shrimps could hardly be found. Third bite was just to finish it off and sip my Honey Ginseng Tea (S$2.90++) to wash off the oil.

For mains, I ordered their signature Daehan Deopbap (S$14.90++). This dish contains:

  • omelette/ egg roll
  • kimchi
  • bean sprouts with a red bean sauce
  • marinated chives
  • bulgogi beef
  • fried stuffed ‘gochu’ (chilli pepper?)
  • seafood meat patty

All the above sat on top of white rice. I liked how the omelette was branded with their restaurant name in Korean and it was quite tasty. I didn’t know whether I should mix it all up like you do with Bibimbap or not but I decided to mix it anyway but the bowl wasn’t deep enough for me to do the whole mixing very well. The vegetables were ok and the patty was so-so. I liked the stuffed gochu but it kinda reminded me of fried yong tau fu.

Dad ordered the spicy Seafood Noodles (S$14.90++) and the 3 chillies next to the description was not a joke. It was really spicy!! I took a sip and despite the heat, you could tell that it was a proper stock. In the end, Dad passed it off to Mum and picked the Pork Belly Noodles (S$12.90++) instead. I think he was biased due to the heat of the first dish so he proclaimed that the food wasn’t that great. However, he did finish his whole bowl of noodles, which meant that it was quite tasty.

I think the food was quite interesting but sadly, it’s not as enticing as it should be when you read the menu. I can’t quite put a finger as to what was lacking though…

Chef’s Noodle
HarbourFront Centre
Singapore 099253
1 Maritime Square #01-99/100
Tel: (65) 6271 3033

Jurong Point
63 Jurong West Central 3
B1-45/46 Singapore 648331
Tel: (65) 6686 3108


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