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I am not a shoppaholic and I really don’t think I’m a Hello Kitty fan but when I went to Takashimaya the other week, I could not help myself to this adorable haul!!! This is the SiliconeZone (heart) Hello Kitty series and yes, there was a premium charged to this series when you compare it to SiliconeZone’s regular items.

The Hello Kitty cookie jar set (S$62.90 before discount) comes with the jar (duh) which was filled with a rolling pin (with the rings to ensure even dough), 2 cookie stamps, 1 cookie cutter and 1 cookie lifter. I’m amazed at how all of those managed to fit into the jar. I also bought the baking sheet (S$25.90 before discount) which really helps in evening out cooking temperature as I raved on in another post of mine. Because I bought more than $60 worth of goods, I got myself a limited edition Hello Kitty spatula!

I can’t wait to use them all but with all the recent snacks and cakes received from various folks, I don’t think I’ll be baking anytime soon. Must clear out the fridge first.

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