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What you see here, my lovelies, is one of my Osmanthus Jellies. What is Osmanthus? In Chinese, it is called Gui Hua (桂花) and it gives off a very light but distinct floral taste. I fell in love with the taste when Yeo’s came up with their Osmanthus White Tea drink.

Anyway, I made these jellies with Konyaku powder, which you can get from any supermarket outside of the US (konyaku has been banned in the US). It is a chewy version of a Jello or agar-gar, and I love this texture. The dried Osmanthus flowers should be easily purchased at any Chinese herbal stores.

This jelly is so easy to make, it’s really quite shameful to share. LOL. Simply follow the instructions on the konyaku powder instructions (doesn’t matter what brand). Only difference is, add in about 1 tablespoon of the osmanthus flowers and another spoonful of wolfberries into the water while bringing it to a boil.

Once the powder has been mixed, simply pour them into your mould and then refrigerate them.

I had a lot of jelly for some reason so I had to use my small but cute flower mould. I also tried to make sure that each jelly had 1 wolfberry so that when you pop it out, it’ll look absolutely gorgeous.

These jellies are very suitable as a summer dessert because it’s cold and if I’m not wrong, Osmanthus is supposed to have a cooling effect. My mum didn’t like having so many flowers in her jelly so you might want to sieve out half of the flowers before adding the konyaku powder.

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