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I amaze myself sometimes. Haha. I cooked Char Siew Ramen for the family tonight and I made almost everything from scratch. There are quite a few elements here and the pork and egg can be prepared the day before.

Ramen Eggs 

6 minutes. Set a timer. Take those eggs out after 6 minutes and dunk them into cold water. Peel them only when they’re cool. Soak them overnight in the following sauce:
1 part light soysauce
1/2 part dark soysauce
1 part mirin/shaoxing wine
Few drops of sesame oil
1 part water

Char Siew
This is simply barbequed pork. I followed the recipe on Makansutra generally. Why generally? Because I don’t have hoisin sauce, so I substituted the hoisin with plum sauce and okonomiyaki sauce. I also didn’t have 5 spice powder, so I substitued it with cinnamon powder and ground all spice. It works. As I wanted a more tender char siew, I used pork fillet instead of pork neck as per Makansutra’s recipe. Once done, slice it up and serve on top of the noodles.

Soup base
I did a miso base and because my dad wanted to eat the salmon head that he had bought, I used it to cook the soup too.

I used egg noodles here. Store bought and I merely followed instructions. You can use any other sort of noodles. Depends on what you like.

Choose your favourite vegetable (cabbage in this case) and cook it in the soup. I also cooked enoki mushrooms as I like them. Most ramen restaurants would serve bamboo shoots in the ramen but I couldn’t find them in my supermarket.

I had a lot of extra soup and ramen egg sauce so I froze them in plastic containers for the next time I have a ramen craving. Beats the minimum $13.90++ that is sold in proper ramen restaurants.

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