Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Beef Tenderloin

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I’ve cooked beef several times.  Same with spaghetti so I don’t think I need to repeat the method.  Simply said, beef was cooked the Heston Blumenthal manner where I used a searing hot pan and flipped the steak every 15 seconds till it became medium rare.

As for the spag, aglio olio means lots of garlic and olive oil.  Extra bits that I threw in were asparagus and a tomato.  Do note that I find myself adding a lot of salt whenever I cook aglio olio and I suspect that it’s because there’s no sauce for the spag to absorb.  As such, you might want to experiment with cooking the spag in really briny water or add in some salt water after the garlic has been added so that it will be more seasoned.

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