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Not content with sweet pancakes, I just had to try my hand at savoury pancakes.  Helps that I prefer to eat savoury foods in the mornings.  I didn’t want to try anything fancy so my main ingredients were pancake batter, bratwurst and cheddar cheese.

I first sliced the bratwurst and pan fried the slices in a non-stick pan.  When they were slightly browned, I added them into the batter.  To the batter, I also added a pinch of truffle salt and black pepper.  Note: I made the batter a little more runny compared to that of a hotcake.

Since this is an experiment of mine, I decided to put the cheese while the pancake was still uncooked on the top.  So the bottom is how the cheese looked like after I flipped and melted it on the pan:

Reminds me of a pizza…so for the 2nd pancake, I decided to cook the pancake on both sides before I added the cheese.

I then sprinkled seaweed and bonito flakes while the cheese melted.  It now resembles an omelette…

Look at my brats!

I wanted to top it off with mayonnaise but I didn’t realise that I had ran out of it.  Taste-wise, I think it was a bit like a healthy pizza that was still slightly sweet.  I think this deserves more experimenting and I think I should’ve added more salt and perhaps a drop of truffle oil.  I might want to try a version where the cheese is in the batter right from the start. 

Please always remember to use the low flame to cook your pancakes so that the cheese doesn’t burn.  I might want to top this off with a carbonara-like sauce too.  Ooh…all the possibilities!!

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