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I cooked dinner – poached Salmon with carrots and shitake mushrooms.  First off, yes I did bother to plate it nicely just because I was in the mood to do so.  I felt that the salmon came out very well although my parents were so blase.

Dad: Should have potatoes.
Mum: What did you put inside? It’s sour.

Just to inform you all, the sauce isn’t vinegar sour.  I put in red wine so it has that acidity from the wine but that’s about it.  I felt that it went really well with the fish!  So…this meal was really easy to prepare.  It’s simply poaching the salmon steaks in wine, water (or stock), pepper, garlic, butter and parsley.  I did add majoram, thyme, rosemary and some cream to give it a wee bit more kick.

I’m really quite surprised at my dad’s comment.  There’s rice!! Why would you want potatoes AND rice?  There’s enough carbs on the plate!! Ah well…my family’s hard to please.  Everyone’s a food critic. Bleah. Sometimes I wonder why I bother cooking…

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